SIPS 2017 Conference Tweets

The second annual meeting of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) is over, sadly. The event was actively tweeted with #SIPS2017, so we can use R to explore the tweets related to the conference. In this blog post, I do a small retrospective on the event by accessing and visualizing the SIPS tweets through Twitter’s API.

Obtaining Data

“Accessing an API” sounds like a big deal, but fortunately there’s an R package for that. I used the rtweet package (Kearney 2017) to download 2829 tweets with the #SIPS2017 hashtag. I saved the resulting data, which can be loaded with the following R command:


Timeline of Tweets

The timeline of tweets reveals that SIPSers were most active on Twitter on Monday, and there’s a clear spike of activity at 6pm on Monday.

Top tweets

Here are the top 5 SIPS non-retweets.

StuartJRitchie2017-08-01 20:15:42107#SIPS2017
improvingpsych2017-08-01 16:46:4989Are you experiencing #SIPS2017 fomo? Join us next year: Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 23-27. Save the date & please RT! #SIPS2018
TheresaWege2017-07-31 13:36:4473The #SIPS2017 methods syllabus is an amazing resource not only if you teach.
lakens2017-07-31 22:25:1660News at #SIPS2017: APA will adopt open science badges for 90 journals, use PsyArXiv as pre-print server (submit from pre-print to journal)
siminevazire2017-07-31 22:20:2741Major announcement #1: APA will allow all journal editors to offer badges for open practices #SIPS2017

Top Hashtags

Here are the top hashtags people used with the SIPS hashtag.

Who mentioned who in their tweets?

And finally the obligatory graph: Arrows represent tweets going from someone to someone else.

You’ll find the full source code of this blog post on my GitHub page.


Kearney, Michael W. 2017. Rtweet: Collecting Twitter Data.

Matti Vuorre
Postdoctoral Researcher

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute