Science of Consciousness Talks on YouTube

Last spring, at The Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson (previously known as Toward a Science of Consciousness), I was fortunate to be asked to participate in a discussion panel on Consciousness and Free Will. I only now found out that they have uploaded the videos from all the plenary talks and panels on YouTube.

The plenary talk before the panel was given by Aaron Schurger, on a computational model of the controversial results from Benjamin Libet’s experiments (a really great talk about a very nice paper, I might add). The panel talks begin at about 40 minutes into the video below, and my talk, titled “5000 Years Without Free Will”, begins at 1h35min. Enjoy:

(I, um, never realized how, um, often I say “um” when, um, giving talks–it’s so distracting now that I’m trying to listen to the talk. It’s good to see these videos afterwards to note those sorts of problems so I can fix them.)

The 2016 TSC conference in Arizona had a great end-of-the-conference party, at which Baba Brinkman summed up the whole conference in a 15 or so minute rap performance. Needless to say, a rap performance about the science and philosophy of consciousness is pure gold. Check it out on YouTube:

(The bit about the Free Will and Consciousness panel is 9 minutes into the video.)

If you ever get a chance to go to the TSC conference, I highly recommend it. It’s a little pricey, but the times I’ve been it was definitely worth it. And the locations are great–this year it’s in China.

Matti Vuorre
Postdoctoral Researcher

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute